Drones in mining improve the overall efficiency of large mine site and quarry management.

This is by providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a very short time. They also support better coordination among teams onsite and internationally, offering dynamic oversight of all operations.

Above all, this data can be safely produced by on-site workers who have minimal surveying experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey methods.

Advantages of Using Drones in Mining

  • UAVs optical devices, cameras covering different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, and geophysical instrumentation, such as magnetic and natural gamma-ray sensors, is used for various purposes, such as geological and topographic mapping, calculation of fragmentation and the stockpile volume, and monitoring related to slope safety, road haulage, and tailings dams.

  • Stockpile management for construction, mining or aggregates.

  • Efficient, safe, accurate and automated data collection

  • Coupled with the rich insights that can be gleaned from the software, and quickly shared, this drives decision-making and increases ROI.

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