An alternative for the process of road construction comes from the use of Drones.

With its advantages of smooth maneuverability, speed and time-critical results, precise measurements, thorough and detailed surveying, drones prove a suitable and resourceful substitute to conventional procedures. The onset of technology, as a whole, has entailed a plethora of possibilities and innovation that was otherwise confined inside the walls of our imagination. Drone technology, with its specialized features, has helped retrieve the construction industry, for good measure.

Service range in this sector

  • Our Drones deliver precision and aerial road mapping surveys across short or long corridor areas, we offer centimeter-accuracy, enhanced with optimized ground control points for leveling across longer corridors. Our road mapping and corridor mapping services is ideal for rapid surveying and inspection of road projects, railway lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines and linear right of way corridors.

  • Our drones allow stretches of land and roads to be covered in just a single shot. This proves to be effective with perceptions of workers’ safety and access to remote locations that otherwise may not be considered. Drone technology is exceptionally resourceful to deliver these facets of road construction that add value to road construction and management’s abstraction.

  • The role of drones in road maintenance and highway infrastructure management is relatively significant as they entail the construction industry’s essential aspects. The dynamic nature of our winged vehicles enables bridge inspections from all angles. The adoption of drones helps conquer the inspection and surveying of remote locations by their small-size and swift maneuverability. The high-resolution cameras and sensors instilled in drones help acquire detailed and focused images and videos from all angles and shots.

  • Road distress is often the sum of bountiful foul incidents, speeding vehicles, heavy vehicles, accidents, etc. These unpleasant events induce the desperate need for road distress monitoring. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) smoothen the tiring process of road reviewing and repair. By the operations of monitoring, surveying, and mapping, drones collect useful data for mapping. Furthermore records the areas and details that are subject to damage. On identification, our drones can also perform tasks of delivering small tools and gears for repair. In this way, the worsened pavement conditions may be continually monitored, checked on, and repaired.

  • Drones have proved to be heavily instrumental in copious operations concerning road construction, highway infrastructure, and bridge inspection. Each project goes around bountiful documentation and reports that help bring the construction models to life. The drones’ application helps uncover the details that lie within every construction in terms of aerial footage and content. We help to easily detect the elementary details from their bird’s view of the roads and bridges. The data collected from drones by their specialized data processing abilities are used in the documentation records for further determinations.

Drone Imagery Outputs

  • We capture drone images that are corrected for image distortion and stitched together during post- processing to create a highly-accurate orthomosaic map. Each pixel contains 2D geo-information (X, Y) and can directly procure accurate measurements, such as horizontal distances and surfaces. They can be overlaid on projected designs and on blueprints to track site progress, serving as visual communication tool and site documentation.

  • A densified point cloud can be generated from drone images. Each point contains geospatial (X, Y, Z) and color information. We provides a very accurate model for distance (slant and horizontal), area and volume measurements.

  • In DSM and DTM models, each pixel contains 2D information (X, Y) and the altitude (Z value) of the highest point for that position. These models can be used, for example, to determine which part of the site could be flooded should water build up or if you need to hire a contractor to flatten the earth.

  • The 3D textured mesh is a reproduction of the edges, faces, vertices and texture of the area shot by the drone. This model is most useful for visual inspection or for when external stakeholder input or public involvement is essential for a project.

  • Our raw images offer an even greater level of detail and can be very useful for assets inspection and analysis.

Our Value

  • The process of mapping a construction site been used is long and expensive. Construction companies undertaking large projects have to spend days and weeks with ground-based instruments or flying a helicopter over their sites to take the necessary photos. Our drone can survey an area in minutes at a very low cost.

  • Contractors are paid according to the earth they move, our drones can accurately measure proof to reconcile contractor’s estimates. This will avoid project delays and penalties.

  • Time is always key in construction projects. By flying our drone and processing the images, you can get data within a few hours instead of days or weeks.

  • Our drone is very cost effective in the initial phase of planning. With the help of the 3D elevation models, we can pinpoint challenges during pre-construction and spot mistakes before they happen.

  • During construction, if any part of the structure is built off-plan by just a few centimeters (fraction of an inch), may result to serious problems as construction continues. The constant aerial images can monitor progress, ensuring work is top notch.

  • Using the high-resolution images captured by drones, maintenance teams can quickly inspect assets, target wear or damage, and prioritize any needed operations.

  • Most construction companies do not do a post-project analysis. They just know how much the costs were and how long it took, thus they don’t have the ability to optimize for future jobs. Our drone data allows us to track what was done at a specific stage and give exact timelines.

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