As a sector that always tries to utilize innovative new technologies, the marketing industry is no exception.

From video capture to customer interactivity, drones open up a range of new possibilities for marketers to utilize. Advertising drones repeatedly take companies to new heights via product launches, sporting events and even concerts.

Service range in this sector

  • A blimp, or non-rigid airship, is an airship (dirigible) without an internal structural framework or a keel. Unlike semi-rigid and rigid airships blimps rely on the pressure of the lifting gas (usually helium, rather than hydrogen) inside the envelope and the strength of the envelope itself to maintain their shape. This kind of blimp is remotely operated with KCAA approved pilots at areas with traffic. It consists of a customizable screen where one can broadcast visual messages to a desired audience; allowing for visibility and a competitive edge.

  • Data has become an integral part while conductive surveys, business etc. This allows us to understand demographic, interests, preferences, behaviors, and routines of a user. High quality cameras can be mounted to the blimp to collect data that could be used to understand how your target market is responding. In addition, a speaker can also be an added advantage to clearly communicate to masses at any given time. We highly believe that this approach will be a good edge over your competitor as we wish to have it exclusively to the client.

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